Waist cincher : is it really invisible?

April 14, 2022 5 min read

Waist cincher: is it really invisible?

Do you want to reshape your physique, reshape your curves to feel better? So you're thinking of buying a flat tummy girdle, but you want to know if it's really invisible?

This is understandable, as the flat tummy girdle is used to conceal an unattractive physique and curves that are a little too generous. If it remains visible under clothing, it is of little interest... For optimal discretion, you must pay attention to the choice of the girdle and the outfits with which you will associate it.

As specialists in waist belts, the Body Shaper team will give you all the tips you need to look great at all times.

A flat tummy girdle must be invisible at all times. For this, it is necessary to adapt your clothing according to the type of girdle you are wearing.

If you want to know everything now, then let's go!


Femme qui se demande si la gaine ventre plat est efficace

The flat tummy girdle is becoming an ultra-trendy accessory and it's understandable... After all, having a perfect figure is every woman's dream. In fact, there are countless stars who have made the shaping corset an essential piece of lingerie in their wardrobe.

Before seeing how to wear a girdle in a discreet way, it would be legitimate to wonder if all girdles are really effective? Are there any particular criteria for making a quality choice among all the models available on the market? The answer is yes, you can first observe results before and after to be convinced. And now, we will see concretely how to spot the best girdles.


The main selection criterion should be the textile(s) with which a flat tummy girdle is made. When you wear a girdle it is to hide flaws, but also to lose weight with the sweating effect it is supposed to cause. For this, some materials are suitable and others are much less so.

A shaping corset, for example, should be made from a high quality latex. Flexible and rigid at the same time, latex is very comfortable to wear on a daily basis as it will adapt perfectly to your curves, like a second skin.

If you want a more classic and slimmer girdle than a corset, then we would talk about shaping panties, also called sheathing panties. However, this type of underwear is available in several categories (thong, shorts, bodysuit, jumpsuit) to better meet your different needs. Let's get down to the basics, a quality waist corset should be made from premium nylon or spandex.

women checking quality of textile
Nevertheless, both of these textiles have a great capacity to burn fat and can be combined with polyester for added strength. But under no circumstances should a flat tummy girdle be made only of polyester.

Lastly, if you enjoy working out, you may want to consider a waist cincher. This should be made from neoprene, as it is extremely effective in accelerating your weight loss during physical activities.


Then to be sure to get the best results, there are some good manners to adopt regarding the wearing of your girdle.

First, you should wear it every day until you reach your slimming goal. The ideal time is between 8 and 12 hours maximum. There is no need to wear it at night, as you need to be in motion to sweat out the fat mass to be eliminated.

To boost the effectiveness of a girdle, you should ideally have a healthy and balanced diet. I'm not talking about restrictive diets, eat everything, and eat healthily and avoid sweets. Moreover, doing physical activity while keeping your girdle close to your body will allow you to accelerate weight loss. This is not compulsory, it is just a tip to lose weight faster.


gaine invisible minceur

Now that you know how to choose an effective girdle, let's talk about the main topic. This is how to wear a tummy tuck so that it is completely invisible under your clothes.

Below is a list of outfits that you might consider wearing an invisible waist corset with. We'll explain which girdle to choose and how to keep it invisible with each one. Let's start with one of the most popular outfits for women!


Waist cincher: is it really invisible?

The tight dress or the most difficult outfit to wear for a woman with curves. It brings out the bulges, yet we want to put it on to feel attractive... What you need for discretion is a classic waist corset. It is the perfect choice to wear under a tight dress as it is very thin and will not slip off. Perfect for keeping your slimming secret under wraps.


Waist cincher: is it really invisible?

You might want to show off a perfectly rounded bum under your favourite trousers. Or to slim down your thighs to get more feminine, harmonious legs. Then you need a shaping short, or a panty, a thong or a shorty, it's all a question of preference. An alternative and invisible solution would be to wear shaping tights or enhancing leggings under the trousers.


Waist cincher: is it really invisible?

Is this your big day? You are going to put on the wedding dress and you want to be the most beautiful of all? In this case, your choice will depend on the dress you have chosen. In general, a wedding dress is tight-fitting on the top and flared on the bottom. If this is your case, a shaping corset will be more than perfect to obtain a wasp waist without encumbering the lower limbs. However, all waist corsets will be invisible in this case, with the exception of the waist belt as it is intended to be worn under sportswear. So treat yourself!


After reading this article, you too became an expert. You are now able to choose an invisible flat tummy girdle and wear it effectively, regardless of your outfit. For this, we would like to congratulate you!

Imagine yourself walking around in your favourite outfit and feeling beautiful and slim. The way people look at you will change and you will feel it. Your physical insecurities will disappear and you will see that you will have more self-confidence than ever before. It's truly magical and you're on your way to it.

Make the right choice, and to buy your flat tummy girdle, remember all the important criteria you have just learned. And you are sure to choose the girdle that will make you an even more beautiful woman than you already are.

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