One Piece Swimsuit

The inspiration behind the tummy control one piece swimsuits

Every woman can agree, choosing which swimsuit you’re going to be wearing this summer can be tricky. And that’s why we are going to reveal you all the secret on how to wear your one-piece swimsuit and why there’s a chance you find it in this collection. Regular, sporty or very sexy, discover which one is going to flatter your silhouette. 

The one-piece swimsuit confirms its return in so many variations ! Retro or classy, you can count on our summery patterns and colourful designs to be the stylish one at the beach or during your swimming sessions. Long-sleeved, with zip, with a shorty or a bikini, there is choice !

But how would the one-piece swimsuit be efficient?

It is made of a sculpting lining at the waist to shape the bust and keep the body firm. This type of swimming costume has the same advantage as a classic swimming costume, meaning you can swim in it, but it has an additional practical aspect: it hides the curves of your stomach by making it flat. Similar to a classic girdle, the properties of this one-piece swimming costume have nothing to envy it. It will make your figure look slimmer and sexier. The tummy control swimsuit hides your insecurities. It will hide your little flaws, whether it be in the stomach, the hips or even the bum. The sheathing or flat tummy effect is obtained thanks to the textile we're using on to make them. This gives the impression of a naturally flat stomach.

How to choose your flat stomach bathing suit ? 

It is important to choose your shaping swimsuit based on size and design. The swimming costume you choose should not be too small or too large. As for the style, there is the model with a sheathing shorty or long sleeves to focus on your tights or arms if they're the ones causing you insecurity. 

You must be careful about your slimming swimsuitbeing comfortable for you. It is advisable to wear it at home for 30 minutes or even an hour before going to swim to see if it is really comfortable. It should not be too loose, because even if it seems a little tight at first, the flat tummy swimming costume becomes more flexible when it comes into contact with water. The best idea is to choose a shaping swimming costume that gives you a firm shape while allowing total freedom of movement.