Tummy Control Swimsuit

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If you want to have the perfect figure on holiday, it is important to choose the right shaping swimsuit. Indeed, a swimming costume that shapes your body is ideal for slimming and sculpting your silhouette. That's why we have decided to introduce to you Body Shaper’s best sculpting swimsuits. 


There are sculpting swimming costumes for all body types. Whether you are curvy, thin or muscular, don’t go any further. The perfect fit is bound to be in our collection.

Our sheathing swimming costumes have many benefits no matter what you’re looking for. If you struggle with the way your arms fall, you’ll be happy with our long sleeved swimsuit that will shape them and make them look slim. 

If this insecurity is linked to your belly, you can find go for our tummy control swimsuits. They come in multiple designs, for every taste, and we’re sure you’ll find your gem and embrace it for your next swimming sessions. Some of them are two-pieced but still high-wasted in order to slim your tummy either way. 

In case you are looking for a bust control swimsuit, you should know that each one of ours is padded, so it will enhance the way your bust look. 

As mentioned before, we have a collection of two-pieced swimsuits, from the most sober to the eccentric design. In addition to giving you a stylish look, they’re practical and fast to wear and remove. 

Our one-pieced swimsuits are more classical, but present the same characteristics that you can find with the two-pieced ones. Firstly, some of them are bikinis, but others have the shape of a shorty. This feature is important if you are looking for a butt enhancing swimsuit!

In brief, if you are reading this, and trying to find a way to look slim in a bathing suit,you should take a look at what we are suggesting !

Plump women can sometimes struggle with finding the right swimming costumes that will enhance their shape or effectively hide their small curves, but with a sculpting swimsuit, this struggle no longer exists!

The slimming swimming costume is the perfect ally for a perfect figure. It allows you to better shape your curves and to gain in comfort. In addition, it enhances femininity thanks to its slimming effect. To choose the ideal model, you must take into account your morphology and preferences. Women with wide hips or strong thighs should opt for a swimming costume that fits their body shape well.