Two Piece Swimsuits

The inspiration behind the tummy control two-piece swimsuits

Every woman will understand this statement, choosing which shaping swimsuit you’re going to be flaunting this summer might be challenging. And that’s why we are getting to give you all the secret on how to wear your two-piece slimming swimsuit and why there’s a chance you find it in this collection. Standard, to do sports or just to feel sexy, discover which one is going to give the best shape to your silhouette. 

The two-piece swimsuit is now a classic in the summer wardrobe ! Retro or classy, you can rely on our summery prints and colourful designs to be the most fashionable on the beach or during your surfing sessions. Long sleeves, zipped, with shorty or bikini bottoms, there's plenty to choose from!

But is the two-piece swimsuit really efficient ? The answer is yes and here's why

It is generally composed of a long-sleeved topwith padded cups on the breasts for a push-up effect that will make you even sexier, and high-waisted bikini bottoms, or even shorties to lift your bum. The high-waisted is obviously to avoid any overflow of love handles, its slimming effect is thus accentuated and will make your curves immaculate plus transform you into a 50s pin-up.  

How to choose your flat stomach bathing suit ? 

It is essential to select your slimming swimsuit based on size and design. The swimming costume you choose should not be too small or too large. In terms of style, there is the model for example with a bum shaping shorty and long sleeves to avoid the attention on your tights or arms if you are insecure about them. 

You must be careful about your enhancing swimsuit being comfortable for you. It is advisable to wear it at home for 30 minutes or even an hour to see if it is really comfortable. It should not be too loose because a bit like support stockings, it can be difficult to put on and feel a little tight at first, especially "dry". But don't worry, the fabric softens in water. The right balance? A swimming costume that is shapely but allows total freedom of motion.