Waist Cincher - Body Shaper Corset


The body shaper corset is used to conceal small defects such as bulges, but above all to refine your waist by compressing the stomach and abdominal strap. Its aim is to reshape your body so that you can have a perfect figure. This is why most stars wear a slimming corset under their clothes. It's their little secret to keeping a slim waist and a permanently sculpted body.

As well as shaping your physique instantly, the corset shapewear promotes weight loss. And that's because of the premium textiles it's made of, they burn off excess fat by causing a sweating effect. Another positive point is that when you lose one or two sizes instantly, you will overcome your complexes ! You will then be much more motivated to continue slimming in a sustainable way, and you will regain your self-confidence.


Always beware of a "cheap corset shaper". You can easily buy one from retailers who do not specialise in slimming.

To ensure you choose the right shaping corset, make sure it is made of latex or neoprene. These are two very effective materials for eliminating fat. Moreover, they are very discreet, as a quality corset does not bend, even when you sit down. It is therefore easy to wear them discreetly, even under a tight dress.

Most of our shaping corsets are equipped with clips for fastening. These are arranged in three levels and are used to tighten the corset whenever you lose a few centimetres of waistline. When tightening, be careful not to overtighten ! The corset should be very comfortable to wear, you should not feel any breathing difficulties. On the contrary, you should feel comfortable and good about yourself when wearing it.
Tip : To lose weight more quickly, there is no need for a "diet". On the other hand, you should favour a balanced diet and, above all, do some physical activity while wearing it.


There are several choices in our collection. You can choose a sexy corset shapewear if you want to emphasize your femininity. If you want to accelerate your weight loss during your fitness sessions, go for the shaper corset for sports ! And for a very effective instant slimming, the latex corset shapewear made of 25 ribs is probably the best choice.

Don't forget to consult the size guide available on each of our corsets. And before you add your little wonder to your basket, remember to choose the model that makes your heart skip a beat, you have to make yourself happy !