Waist Trimmer Belt


description of the waist trimmer belt

Eliminate fat twice as fast during your sports sessions with the waist trimmer belt! This ultra complete model targets not only the thighs, but also the stomach and abdominal area. It is made to create a powerful sweating effect, and this is possible thanks to the premium spandex of which it is composed. With a scratch fastening system, this slimming belt is particularly practical and comfortable for regular use.


    • Burns fat quickly
    • Intense sweating effect
    • Ideal for sports sessions
    • Does not roll or slip
    • Textiles: premium spandex

      ✂ Size chart

      Dimensions (cm)
      Waist size
      S - M
      70 - 90
      L - XL 91 - 106
      2XL - 3XL
      110 - 125