Neoprene Waist Belt


Description of the neoprene waist belt

Looking for a neoprene slimming belt that burns fat at high speed?

This women's accessory is certainly the best choice you can make to get rid of those little belly bulges. In fact, it has two major advantages. First, it gives you a wasp waist in a matter of seconds, just put it on!

Secondly, the main objective is to lose weight quickly and sustainably, isn't it? In order to obtain a flat stomach in a short time, you should ideally wear it between 8 and 12 hours a day.

How does the neoprene slimming belt burn fat?

The neoprene slimming belt melts away the extra fat, and this is mainly due to the neoprene. This is a revolutionary textile that works in contact with your skin. It makes you sweat in the abdominal area without the need for any special effort.

However, this slimming belt is perfectly suited to various sports such as fitness, weight training or jogging. If you practice this kind of physical activity, you will lose weight even faster. You just have to order this little wonder to get the first results!


  • Ideal for burning belly fat quickly
  • Very comfortable to wear regularly
  • Makes you lose weight with or without sport
  • Materials: Neoprene - Nylon