Super Control Body Shaper


The super control body shaper for exceptional slimming

Do you want to reshape your physique in a few seconds? The super slimming body shaper will change your life!

Thighs that are too generous and affected by cellulite, an unsightly belly because of bulges, difficult to get rid of, right ? All the more so as, beyond the physical, it is the mind that suffers... Complexes make us lose confidence in ourselves, and we end up with low self-esteem.

It's even worse when we try to lose weight with things that don't work. We start dieting thinking "this time I'm going to lose weight" and after losing just a few centimetres of waistline, the bad habits take over again, you know... sweets, etc.

Luckily, there is the super slimming body shaper ! A tight-fitting piece of lingerie that allows you to sculpt your body and get a flat stomach very quickly.

Invisible underclothing, the super slimming body shaper has more than one trick up its sleeve. It allows you to compress all the excess abdominal fat thanks to its very easy to put in place clips. That's not all, it also compresses your thighs in order to firm them up and refine them durably.

Let's talk about its comfort. Made from premium quality fabrics, the ultra slimming body shaper sorts hugs your shape to become one with your skin. In addition to being ultra discreet, you won't even feel it. And that's good, because to promote rapid weight loss, you should ideally wear it every day.

To get those sensual curves you've been dreaming of, all you have to do is take action now !


  • Instant flat tummy
  • Lifts the buttocks
  • Invisible under clothing
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Does not roll or slip
  • Textiles : polyester, nylon, premium spandex


Waist size (cm) Weight (kg)
68 - 76 45 - 55
L 76 - 84 55 - 70
XL 84 - 92 70 - 85
XXL 92 - 100 85 - 100
3XL 100 - 108 100 - 115
4XL 108 - 116 115 - 130