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Are you no longer willing to accept the curves and small flaws of your body ? So you have taken the superb decision to lose weight ❤️ in order to refine your figure? You then turned to the Body Shaper, a quick and effective solution. This is a great decision, but there are a few things you need to know before you take action!

First of all, you need to choose a body shaper that is adapted to your body type, as undesirable effects could affect you. For example, a shapewear that is too large will not allow you to hide your small bulges, and even less to lose weight on your stomach. On the other hand, if your girdle is too tight, you will suffer from poor blood circulation and discomfort.

Another important point that we are going to discuss right now, what does the term body shaper mean ? Also known as tummy control shapewear or body shaping or juste shapewear, it is obviously a tight-fitting lingerie that allows you to reshape your body, but it is important to know that it comes in several categories.

Indeed when we talk about body shaper, it can be a body shaper corset, this one is the ideal choice to offer you a wasp waist 👗 to measure. You've probably already seen all those stars who can't get enough of them, like Kim Kardashian or even the gorgeous Eva Longoria. But you might be thinking of a more complete accessory like the bodysuit shaper or bodysuit shapewear. These two are ideal for shaping your body from top to bottom, not to mention that they are perfect for lifting your chest.

On the other hand, you may want something more discreet and very comfortable. Able to offer you thin thighs, firm a bulging buttocks 🍑, while keeping a maximum level of discretion ? Then you'll naturally head for the shaping shorts.

And to finish on a sexy note 🎀 that will make you more glamorous and seductive than ever, we know exactly what you need! If I tell you about an undergarment that will make you happy by lifting your butt without neglecting the look of a perfectly flat stomach, what do you think of ? Don't look for it, it's the shapewear underwear that will be the object of satisfaction of all your desires.


The popularity of women's shapewear has soared in recent years and even the stars are snapping them up. These little marvels are becoming an indispensable part of a woman's wardrobe 👗 but why are they so successful ? What is the secret of the slimming girdle?

Yes, the body shaper allows you to reshape your curves. Yes, it offers you a well-shaped buttocks, a wasp waist, but that's not all... in reality it has much more to offer you.

It's hard to feel confident when our unsightly bulges are everywhere, right? I know, because I've been there myself... And it's even harder to motivate yourself to exercise.

On the other hand, imagine how you'll feel when you see yourself with a slim waist and a flat stomach 😍 thanks to your slimming girdle. The look of others will become pleasant in your eyes and your self-confidence will grow day by day! What could be more motivating than watching your perfect figure live ? Especially since our body shapers will make you lose weight thanks to the sweating they cause!

Don't overlook the power of the body shaper, as it has already transformed the lives ⭐ of thousands of women...


Many women wonder where to buy their girdle, but the real question should be "where to buy a good slimming girdle". Indeed, this is a special kind of lingerie that requires a high quality textile in order to sublimate your curves 🌸 effectively.

You will find this underwear at many retailers, and you will also easily find a "cheap body shaper". But before you make your purchase, ask yourself this question : will it really give you the results you dream of ?

Tip : Go for big brands specialised in the slimming field. At Miss Minceur®, all slimming girdles are subjected to strict checks and premium fabrics to guarantee you fast and surprising results.


This is a question that our customers frequently ask us, especially when they hesitate between two sizes. So let's see now what size to get for your girdle!

First of all, you should know that we have created a specific and detailed size guide 📏 for each of our body shapers. For most of them you will just need to measure your waist size and it's very simple, here's how to do it:

Take a tape measure and pass it around your waist (at the level of the navel), exactly as in the image below :

Then, choose the size corresponding to your measurements on the size guide of the girdle you have chosen. If you are on the borderline between two sizes, select the larger size.

Example : your waist is right between a size S and a size M, get the size M.