Sexy Waist Cincher


The Sexy Waist Cincher corset to enhance your charm

Do you want to lose a few centimetres around your waist while remaining glamorous ? This sexy waist cincher corset will delight you ! Keeping a slim figure is not always easy, sometimes the little bulges on your stomach end up taking over... That extra fat is hard to bear and even harder to melt away ! So you turned to the shaping corset, a quick and effective solution.

But as a woman, you want to stay sexy, right ? Then you might also be interested in the sexy sbody shaper. Its advantage ? Even more discretion under your clothes, even if you wear it under a tight dress.

This Sexy Waist Corset, available in three colours, is simply perfect for you. It will enhance your charm, and make you slimmer in a few seconds, what more could you ask for ? A quick weight loss ?

Indeed, this sexy waist cincher corset is made of an ingenious mix of latex, cotton and lycra. These three textiles help to melt away excess belly fat. Just wear the corset regularly and it will work quickly on your body. Within a few weeks, you will lose weight and regain a perfect figure.


  • Immediate wasp waist
  • Burns fat effortlessly
  • Discreet under clothes
  • Closure: hooks (3 rows)
  • Textiles: polyester - premium spandex
  • Tip: Wear it 4-8 hours a day to reshape your body quickly


Dimensions (cm)
Waist Size
57 - 63
64 - 70
L 71 - 77
XL 78 - 85
XXL 86 - 92
3XL 90 - 100