High Compression Waist Cincher


Wasp waist slimming girdle for women

A slim waist and a reshaped body, that's what many women dream of... And what if you could make your dream come true with this Waist Cincher ? It is quite possible with this slimming accessory worthy of the greatest stars ! Not only will it allow you to reshape your physique, but also to lose weight quickly if you wear it regularly.

This High Compression Waist Cincher is made from textiles known for their fat-burning abilities. In addition, it is a very flexible, ultra comfortable model. After a few days of use, you shouldn't even feel it anymore, like a second skin. Have you noticed the three clip lines on the front of the body shaper corset ? They serve to tighten the corset every time you lose a size. This concept is very effective and motivates you to continue losing weight.

Imagine getting to the tightest level in just a few weeks, wouldn't that be wonderful? It's possible, and to get that waspish waist, just add it to your shopping cart and wear it as soon as possible.


  • Instant wasp waist
  • Burns fat effortlessly
  • Discreet under clothing
  • Closure: hooks (3 rows)
  • Textiles: polyester - viscose - cotton
  • Tip: Wear it 4-8 hours a day to shape up your body quickly


Dimensions (cm)
Waist Size
64 - 74
74 - 80
80 - 87
87 - 93
XXL 93 - 101
3XL 101 - 107
4XL 107 - 112
5XL 113 - 120
6XL 120 - 127