Corset Shapewear


Shaping corset for a slim waist and a shapely bust

It is difficult to have a perfect figure when abdominal fat is in place. Especially since the breasts tend to fall with time... What if the slimming corset was the perfect solution to reshape your body ?

Indeed, this ultra-feminine slimming accessory is a great asset to maintain a perfect physique over time. The shaping corset shapes the entire upper body, with a special emphasis on the bust. This model has multiple benefits to offer, as it also helps to burn belly fat.

In addition to long-term weight loss, the shapewear corset has even more to offer. It camouflages small bulges and love handles to perfection. You only have to put the clips together to lose several centimetres around your waist ! Isn't that great ? To start losing weight quickly, just add it to your shopping cart. Then wear it as often as possible, but not more than 8 to 12 hours a day.


  • Immediate wasp waist
  • Burns fat effortlessly
  • Discreet under clothing
  • Closure: lace - hooks
  • Textiles: polyester - premium spandex
  • Tip: Wear it 4-8 hours a day to reshape your body quickly


Dimensions (cm)
Waist Size
64 - 69
69 - 74
L 74 - 79
XL 79 - 84
XXL 84 - 89
3XL 89 - 94
4XL 94 - 99
5XL 99 - 104
6XL 104 - 109