High waisted Body Shaper Shorts


The sexy slimming Body Shaper for a glamorous style

Do you want to hide your little flaws with the help of a slimming body shaper, while remaining sexy ? This shaping shorts is undoubtedly the perfect lingerie for slimming your waist, but also for enhancing your curves. If you want to get a real wasp waist like a star, the sexy slimming corset could also make you happy.

It's not always easy to deal with the bulges on your stomach or the thighs that are a little too wide. Especially since fat is the hardest to get rid of. With this sexy slimming shapewear, you will never have this kind of complex again, and the slimming effect is immediate !

Firstly, it gives you a flat stomach, thanks to the compression it offers at the level of the abdominal strap. Secondly, it lifts your buttocks with its "push-up" effect, perfect for a sheathed buttock in any situation! Thirdly, the sexy slimming shapewear slims and firms your thighs.

Moreover, thanks to the high quality fabrics we use to manufacture our shaping shorts, the fat burns off without you having to do any sport ! To maximise weight loss it is advisable to wear it for 8 to 10 hours a day and to eat a balanced diet.

Don't worry about discretion, this sexy shapewear will be your second skin. It fits perfectly to your curves and does not roll, not to mention that it is very comfortable to wear every day.


  • Instant flat tummy
  • Lifts the buttocks
  • Slims the thighs
  • Invisible under clothing
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Does not roll, does not slip
  • Textiles: polyester, premium spandex


Dimensions (cm)
Waist Size
M / L 59 - 80
45 - 63
XL / XXL 80 - 100
63 - 75
XXXL / 4XL 100 - 120
75 - 95